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Marble 3      The nOrh 3.0 is our lowest priced speaker product, featuring a full range driver. The 3.0 is small, stylish, good looking, and produces remarkably good sound. In fact, the sound is quite close to that of nOrh 4.0. Three versions are available, the wood drum version, the Prism version and the all new marble version.


  1. •Single full range driver

  2. •Frequency response: 75Hz to 20,000 Hz.

  3. •Maximum constant power is 20 watts

  4. •Sensitivity 87 dB

  5. •Magnetically shielded

Dimensions: Long 13 inches, Diameter 8 inches and round body 26 inches - for wood. The marble ones are really small. We will post the dimensions soon.

Availability: Pairs in wood and marble.

Colors: Walnut, rosewood and black for wood versions. For other colors, please check first. Marbles are available in black or white.


  1. •Performs quite close to the nOrh 4

  2. •Images well

  3. •Plays loud enough for most applications

  4. •Sound is never fatiguing

  5. •At it's low price point, there isn't any better sounding or better looking speaker


  1. •Excellent for upgrading the satellite speakers of systems such as Bose Lifestyle

  2. •Great as a multimedia system for your computer

  3. •They would fit in places where other loudspeakers would be impractical

  4. •3.0s are magnetically shielded so they can be placed near a TV or computer monitor

  5. •The nOrh 3.0 makes a great gift for your daughter or son

  6. •Marble speakers are ideal for matching tastefully kept museums, a fireplace or an executive's desk.

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699.95 $

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