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Marble 4 The nOrh 4.0 is the loudspeaker that put nOrh on the map. Our first nOrh 4.0s were carved from logs. While these early 4.0s were warmly received--even getting a very favorable review in Absolute Sound, the marble nOrh 4.0s have set the bar for just how good an inexpensive loudspeaker can sound. Each marble nOrh 4.0 is a work of art. They are hand made and look absolutely beautiful. Some people claim that the nOrh 4.0s are among the best home theater loudspeakers available. Nobody can argue that they are clearly one of the best values.

The nOrh 4.0 uses Vifa drivers and DC Gold while most other loudspeakers in this price range use "no-name" drivers. The crossovers are high quality as are the terminals. The feet are made from solid stainless steel for marble version.


Tall: 10.5 inches Wide : 8.5 inches
Long: 15 inches

Cabinet Capacity: 6 liters.

Power handling: 100w

The nOrh 4.0 begins to roll off at 65 Hz and its
10 dB down-point is 55 Hz

Availability: Pairs in wood and marble.
Single magnetically shielded centerpiece is also available.

Colors: Basic colors are walnut, rosewood and black (for wood). You can also order other colors like pink. There are a lot of options for nOrh4 custom. - please see the picture gallery. We are allowing customers to mix and match different color combinations. Marble speakers are available in black and white.


Open, rich sound
Great looks, small size
Plays LOUD!
Marble speakers sound even better
Expandability (you can add a subwoofer if you shift to a bigger room)


Ideal as speakers for value systems
Rear / center speakers for hi-end systems
For upgrading your hi-fi
For hooking up to your computer
Excellent for home theater applications where you need to buy as many speakers as possible.

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899.95 $

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