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Marble 7      Some of the most expensive loudspeakers in the world use Scanspeak drivers. Proac, Sonus Faber, Ovation, Reveal, Wilson and others have all made use of the drivers we selected for the nOrh 7.0. Some of these loudspeakers are sold for many thousands of dollars. 

To our knowledge, not one of our competitors have executed their designs out of solid stone. Not only is solid marble beautiful, it also is one of the best acoustic materials available.

MDF is the most common product used in loudspeakers. It is relatively easy to work with and it is inexpensive. Cheaper loudspeakers are finished with PVC. More expensive loudspeakers use a thin veneer of wood to make the MDF look better. 

MDF is a pretty good material. However, in order for MDF to be used properly, the cabinet needs to be internally braced. Only the most expensive loudspeakers have cabinets that are properly braced. 

Our marble loudspeakers use the longest connectors that can be ordered. This means that almost all other loudspeakers are not as thick as our loudspeakers. 

The nOrh 7.0 is carved from solid stone. There are no seams. The cabinet is acoustically inert. The inert cabinet, high quality drivers and high quality crossover all work to provide one of the best values in ultra-high end audio.

I have personally used the nOrh 7.0s for three years. I am always amazed at how well the nOrh 7.0s perform. The 7.0s do just about everything well. They are fast, detailed, and articulate. They handle lots of power and they play loud.

The nOrh 7.0s are $1000 less expensive than the nOrh 9.0s. While the 9.0s provide better imaging and even more detail, the 7.0s play louder and interface more easily with a subwoofer.

Each marble 7.0 is a work of art. The loudspeaker is carved from solid stone. The baffle is covered in leather. The grill is cut out with a laser. 

We have recently released a synthetic marble version of the 7.0. The synthetic marble sounds identical to the marble version while giving up very little in terms of beauty or durability.


Long: 19 inches, Tall: 14 inches

Response - 3 dB at 43 Hz (43 to 20,000 Hz)
-10 dB at 33 Hz
Crossover frequency 3,000 Hz
Tweeter - Scan-speak D2905/970000
Woofer - Scan-speak 18W/8545-00

Suggested minimum power 15W
Maximum continuous power 160W
Peak power 300W
Sensitivity 87dB

The nOrh 7.0 begins to roll off at 45 Hz and its 10 dB down-point is 33Hz

Availability: Pairs in marbles and synthetic marble, with real leather baffle.

Colors: Black, or white. For Synthetic Marble colors, go here.


Large woofer produces deep bass
High power handling and plays loud
High quality components / circuitry
High end speakers at reasonable price
One of the best two way speakers at any price


Ideal as main speakers for high-end / audiophile systems
Best speakers for home theater applications (Front right and left)
Great speakers for applications where the volume is continuously high
Great looking marble speakers adds sophistication to your decor. 

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