A combination of traditional folk art and science


  1. Specifications

  2. Long: 19 inches, Tall: 14 inches

  3. Response - 3 dB at 33Hz

  4. Tweeter - Scanspeak Revelator 9900

  5. Woofer - Scanspeak Revelator 15W/8530-K00

  6. The nOrh 9.0 begins to roll off at 35 Hz and its 10 dB downpoint is 29 Hz

  7. Availability: Pairs in marble and synthetic marble, with real leather baffle.

  8. Colors: Black, or white in Marble. For synthetic marble, go here.

  9. Read about Mini 9.0 here.

  10. Characteristics

  11. The best two way speaker we make

  12. Precision music reproduction

  13. "Highest-end" speakers at this price range

  14. Marble cabinets will last forever

  15. Only two-way speaker in the world that can achieve -3 dB at 33 Hz

  16. Applications

  17. Excellent for accurate and detailed music reproduction

  18. The best for complementing our amplifier products

  19. For building systems that otherwise would have cost over $10,000

  20. Great looking marble speakers adds sophistication to your decor.

Marble 9     The nOrh 9.0 is often called the world's best two way book shelf loudspeaker. Like the 7.0, it is carved from solid marble. The 9.0 starts out as a 850 pound piece of rock and after one day, it is transformed into a unique "work of art" that is designed to last a lifetime.

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2999.95 $

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