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Happy New Year 2015! Good start for nOrh.

News for JAN 2015

1998 was the year we found nOrh, now 17 years since started.  Time is running really fast.

They are so many amplifiers and speakers out there on the market that come with higher

technologies, features and functions and most of them are focus on customer’s need. 

We are simple and we are still using simple technology as simple electricity does but we never

stop making simple to the best.  We have a good start by selling Marble 7 speaker to Mr. Mathew

who live in Bangkok, thank you very much. 

Another customer called from Croatia for remaking the nOrh 9 wood.  We sold last pair last year.

We need to find 2 pcs of wood for that size first.

Marble 3 is selling to local Thai customer soon.

we hope all of this month customers enjoy our crafted speakers.

Good news,  Another nOrh FR4 walnut color is ready.  We will upload pictures on the web soon.

Thank you very much.


Yuth Chuwongtananart

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