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Norh 9     The nOrh 9.0 is often called the world's best two way book shelf loudspeaker. Like the 7.0, it is carved from solid marble. The 9.0 starts out as a 850 pound piece of rock and after one day, it is transformed into a unique "work of art" that is designed to last a lifetime.

  1. Specifications

  2. Long: 19 inches, Tall: 14 inches

  3. Response - 3 dB at 33Hz

  4. Tweeter - Scanspeak Revelator 9900

  5. Woofer - Scanspeak Revelator 15W/8530-K00

  6. The nOrh 9.0 begins to roll off at 35 Hz and its 10 dB downpoint is 29 Hz

  7. Availability: Pairs in marble and synthetic marble, with real leather baffle.

  8. Colors: Black, or white in Marble. For synthetic marble, go here.

  9. Read about Mini 9.0 here.

  10. Characteristics

  11. The best two way speaker we make

  12. Precision music reproduction

  13. "Highest-end" speakers at this price range

  14. Marble cabinets will last forever

  15. Only two-way speaker in the world that can achieve -3 dB at 33 Hz

  16. Applications

  17. Excellent for accurate and detailed music reproduction

  18. The best for complementing our amplifier products

  19. For building systems that otherwise would have cost over $10,000

  20. Great looking marble speakers adds sophistication to your decor.

While the marble cabinets are beautiful, the nOrh 9.0s are not just a work of art. The nOrh 9.0 uses one of the best tweeters in the world, the Scan-speak Revelator 9900. nOrh was one of the first companies to use the Scan-speak 15W8530-K00 woofer. This expensive woofer is now found in loudspeakers selling upwards to $38,000.00 USD.

My main system uses the 9.0. I don't use subwoofers. The 9.0s replaced a pair of speakers that cost me over $8,000.00. I would never go back.

The marble 9.0s look and sound expensive. Yet, the marble 9.0s sell for less money that many MDF boxes using much inferior components.

The marble 9.0s use hand braided silver braided wire. We use only the finest crossover components. The result is a loudspeaker that never disappoints.

I never understand why so many people are willing to pay so much money for loudspeakers that can not match the sonic performance or the stunning beauty of the nOrh 9.0s.-- particularly given the fact that respected reviewers have confirmed that the nOrh 9.0s are truly world class.

nOrh has recently released the synthetic marble version of the nOrh 9.0. The synthetic version looks very much like real marble and sounds identical to the marble version. The synthetic marble version is priced 30% less than the real marble 9.0.

We have also released a smaller version of the 9.0 we call the mini 9.0. The mini 9.0 is much smaller and 50% less expensive than the marble version. The mini 9.0 uses the same woofer combined with the Scan-speak 9700 tweeter.

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1999.95 $


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