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SE 18     The SE 18 is a Class A Single Ended (SE) integrated stereo tube amplifier by nOrh. After the tremendous success of the SE 9, we designed this product for audiophiles who would like to have more power and features in an amplifier. The SE 18 shares the same sonic characteristics of the SE 9 and is rated at 18 watts per channel. It looks equally beautiful, with a smooth black faceplate and a mirror-finish that reflects the subtle glow of the tubes.


  1. •18 watts per channel output (continuous RMS @ 8 Ohms)

  2. •2 Inputs

  3. •Alps Volume Control

  4. •Balance knob for stereo effect adjustment

  5. •Features a built in phono preamplifier

  6. •Platinum coated switches

  7. •Ceramic tube sockets

  8. •Class A, consumes 180 watts

  9. •All tubes are by Electro Harmonix

    1. 2 x 12AX7 for Phono Section

    2. 2 x 12AX7 for Line Stage

    3. 4 x 12AX7 for Driver Tubes

    4. 4 x EL34 for Output Tubes

  10. •Input Impedance - Line Stage 100K

  11. •Phono Stage 47K (Moving Magnet or High Output Moving Coil)

  12. •Output Voltage 4 ohm - 8.5V, 8 ohm - 12V

  13. •Frequency Response at 1 watt - 10 - 50,000 Hz

  14. •Sensitivity at Maximum Output - Phono 20 mV, Line 150 mV

  15. •Power consumption: 180 watts

  16. •Dimensions and weight: H 7 x W 20 x D 14 inches / 22 KG


  1. •Powerful enough to fill a large room with music

  2. •Can function adequately as the main amplifier for a primary listening area

  3. •More power, better sound and additional features

  4. •Perfect choice for an audiophile who wants to keep his phono collection

  5. •Matches your decor... adds a touch of class

  6. •A romantic electronic product - think of them as "apartment fireplaces"

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