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SE 9    SE 9 is a Class A Single Ended (SE) integrated stereo tube amplifier by nOrh. Featuring a clean, simple design, this unit looks and performs better than any product available at this price level. The front plate is black while the top is a mirror finish. The mirror finish will reflect the subdued lights from the tubes. Did we mention that It sounds wonderful?


  1. Clean 9 watts per channel output (continuous RMS @ 8 Ohms)

  2. 2 Inputs

  3. 2 Electro Harmonix EL34EH Power Tubes

  4. 2 Electro Harmonix 12AX7EH Drive Tubes

  5. 5AR4 rectifier tube (not a 10-cent diode)

  6. Alps Volume Control

  7. Platinum coated switches

  8. Ceramic tube sockets

  9. Class A, consumes 35 watts

  10. H 6.5 x W 12.0 x D 10.5 inches

  11. Thoughtfully engineered - weighs 14 KG


  1. Excellent as an amplifier for individuals with discerning tastes but small budget

  2. Ideal for putting a high-end system in secondary listening areas

  3. Great for applications where music is not played loud (e.g. office)

  4. The ideal amplifier for a woman - elegant, beautiful, takes very little space

  5. Matches your decor... adds a touch of class

  6. A romantic electronic product - think of them as "apartment fireplaces"

  7. A great gift for your daughter or son - especially when you are sending them to a college dorm.

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499.95 $

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