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Subwoofer    A carefully designed and crafted system to extend the performance of any nOrh product. This is much more than a woofer in a box. Using Vifa's most expensive 8" woofer and our own amplifiers, our subwoofers will simply amaze you with their performance. The subwoofers are designed to operate in pairs and they are designed so that the music will have more authority and sound more natural.


Material: 1 inch thick MDF, covered in 3 mm of real teak . The edges are solid teak.

Woofer - Top of the line PL22WR09-08 Vifa 8" woofer

- Unique amplifier based around the SGS-Thomson TDA 7294
- Produce true bass down to 26 Hz - 3 dB
- Provides 150 watts of pure power
- Anodized aluminum plates
- Three separate active crossovers: 60, 80 and 100 Hz.

Availability: Single or pairs, real teak wood. The subwoofer amplifier is also available separately.

Colors: Stained to match our other speakers. Custom colors available on request.

The amplifier is our own design. It is an excellent piece of equipment that can be used to drive other woofers too.


Compliment our speakers - improve the dynamics and impact of the system
Great for "upgrading" speakers if you are moving to a larger listening room
Ideal for building speaker systems performing similar (or better) to very expensive systems
Works as stands for nOrh drum speakers
Good choice when there is no substitute for a system that can produce high quality sound over the entire audible range

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