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Warranty and Return Information

nOrh Loudspeakers policy is to strive towards 100% customer satisfaction. If for any reason that the customer is dissatisfied, our goal is to make the customer satisfied.

To do this we must build a superior product as we realize that the cost of transporting these cabinets internationally is quite expensive. The following warranty is for our loudspeakers. Other products have their warranty policy described in their respective pages.

nOrh Loudspeakers will offer a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days after the purchase of our loudspeakers. We are sorry that we can not refund the cost of shipping in either direction but we will refund the purchase price in full. Supposing you had bought a product for $500, which includes $100 shipping charge. If you are not satisfied with the product, you have to ship the product back to us at your expense. After that, we refund $400 back to you. We think it's fair because unlike others, we do not charge any "restocking fee".

All nOrh speakers are warranted against defect for a period of one year from the date of purchase. In Thailand, nOrh Loudspeakers will replace or repair any defective part that has not been shown to have been abused.

The following types of defects are covered:


The drivers are covered by Vifa or Scan-speak. In Thailand, we will act as the agent for Vifa and Scan-speak. We will assist our customers obtain service for Vifa and Scan-speak outside of Thailand.

If we provide the woofers and tweeters, we will replace or repair you drivers for five years.


Our cabinets are built from solid wood. There will be small cosmetic differences from one loudspeaker or another. Small surface scratches will not impact the quality of the cabinet.

The loudspeakers should be kept at a reasonable room temperature and not placed on hot surfaces such as radiators or other electronic components. Please don't place the loudspeakers where strong sunlight can heat the loudspeaker excessively.

nOrh Loudspeaker's cabinets are cured in an oven for five days at 300 degrees F and should not crack with normal use. However, if any cracking occurs during the first 90 days of use, please contact us immediately.

Our policy is to offer a free replacement of the wood cabinet. This warranty does not require you to ship the old cabinet back but we do request you provide us with some photo proof that the speaker is indeed cracking. We will pay the cost of a new cabinet or pay the cost of a furniture restorer fixing the cabinet (whichever is less expensive).

If the Cabinet cracks anytime after the first 90 days, We will make available a single cabinet at 50% the current retail price of a cabinet. Suppose the cost of the cabinets are selling for $300 per pair. A single cabinet would retail for $150. We will provide a new cabinet for $75 USD. This warranty will last as long as you own the loudspeakers.


The network is unlikely to ever experience a problem. However, if it does, we will replace it for the first 1 year free. If after the first year the network develops a problem, we will provide a finished network for $150 each.

Once again our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. To date, we have done this. We have taken care of every customer problem. To date no customer request has been unreasonable. We have been able to work out every problem.

In one case a customer received a loudspeaker where the customs people removed the driver and didn't replace it. The weight of the speaker tore the network apart. We shipped the network free.

In another case, a pair of speakers was accidentally shorted. We paid the shipping ourselves.

We had one customer that had a pair of loudspeakers crack. We replaced his loudspeaker for free.

We do not know what it takes to make a customer happy until we confront the problem and try to correct the problem in a way that is fair.

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